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About Us:

12 Cups is two boys' dream (Bader & Ghassan) that came true. We, as friends, share genuine passion for coffee and would love to share it with others and make more friends.
12 Cups is pioneer sort of business that has introduced several techniques and products to enrich the culture of coffee in Saudi Arabia.

12 Cups is tells a story of how fine and delicate a cup of coffee came from and demonstrates the process and discipline in which we take to give our clients the coffee experience that they desire.

What we do:

We are the first coffee provider in Saudi Arabia to allow customers to choose different coffee blends and brewing methods to find sweetness, aroma, acidity, flavor and body of their cup of coffee. We share our knowledge and expertise to educate our customers using the "One Cup at a Time" philosophy, which has already influenced many other local venues to adopt the concept,

We import and distribute many coffee equipment for home users as well as for commercial use. Among these names are Hario, Saint Anthony Industries, Handgrind, Frankgreen, Keepcup, Aeropress, Cafflano and others.
We are also distributors of capital coffee equipment: Synesso, Breville and Ratio; we offers sales and after sales services, maintenance.
We make custom-designed coffee drip stations according to our customers’ style and taste.
12 Cups is keen on expanding its expertise to satisfy the local market. We are willing to offer a whole concept that serves the entire hospitality industry and culture, coffee in particular, by starting to recruit and retain highly talented coffee tasters, roasters, and baristas; and partnering with international and local entrepreneurs.

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    • Headquarter Office
      7325 طريق الملك عبدالعزيز, Al-Masiaf Dist.
      Riyadh 12467 - 2279
      Saudi Arabia