Al Hammadi Hospital

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Al Hammadi Hospital is one of the medical edifices in Riyadh, and it was erected on an area of ​​35000 m 2 and was opened in the month of 4/1985 corresponding to 7/1405 AH to be one of the largest private hospitals in Riyadh at that time, where the capacity of the hospital was (150) beds and feet The hospital is in its infancy, its therapeutic services for various specialties in more than 36 medical clinics, and at that time the number of intensive care beds for adults (7 beds), child custody (20 beds), intensive care for children (10 beds), surgeries (5 beds), and recovery (4 beds) And delivery rooms (5 beds), while the physiotherapy was (4) Rooms only receive patients in two shifts (two hours for women and then two hours for men) morning and evening.

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    • Headquarter Office
      5316 as suwaidi al am, Siyah Dist.
      Riyadh 12774 - 6561
      Saudi Arabia