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 Al-Khalaf Travel and Tourism Company is one of the branches of Abdul Mohsen Bin Hamad Al-Khalaf Sons Company operating in the city of Riyadh and one of the largest travel and tourism companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Founded in 1982 AD 1403 AH, which is more than thirty years of experience - The company is one of the first companies that I obtained membership of IATA in the Kingdom - the company has spread in all districts of the city of Riyadh to cover its customers in its locations and its branches have multiplied to more than twenty five, including the city of Dammam and Dawadmi and Al-Kharj - and in the last ten years the company has grown and became an authorized agent of most airlines in the Kingdom - And a She also became an agent for most of the international companies specializing in hotel reservations around the world - in order to satisfy its customers, individuals, companies and institutions - until the name of the successor company became known to those who want to travel and hotel reservations - and tourist programs

The company is among the five distinguished agencies in the Kingdom in terms of sales and relationships with airlines and reservation companies, and we have the administrative and executive technologies and expertise that qualify us to do so.
It is worth noting that the company under difficult circumstances did not suffer from any problems with the official authorities and its name is mentioned only as a regular company that follows the laws, regulations, customs and traditions of the Kingdom
The company provides its services to institutions, companies and individuals, we devote a special section to customer services and a special section for companies on the account that serves all customers
As for the major companies, the agency allocates the best employees with the necessary reservation systems for tickets and hotels to work inside these companies and provide service as soon as possible
The services provided by the company are characterized by high efficiency and special prices for each customer, according to his budget, which was prepared for travel and convenience.
We are confident of our excellence in prices, whether on domestic or international aviation, with our commitment to provide the best services to our customers, companies, institutions and individuals to the fullest extent.

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