Al shelayl for Customs Clearance & Transport

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About Us:

The clients of Al-Shalil Company for customs clearance and transportation remain a pulsating love in our hearts.

Today, as we celebrate the passage of (35) years from the date of the march of this company, to regain our dull beginnings, we seek what the founder (the honorable educator Muhammad Abdullah Ibrahim Bin Shalil) made from the warm beads of sweat that produced satisfaction for our customers in our esteemed clients

On this precious occasion, we record our pride and pride in the unique accomplishments and services and great evidence that established a solid base from a constructive past for a prosperous present and a bright tomorrow presented and provided by Al-Shalil Company for customs clearance and transportation through a homeland of good and development in which the meanings of loyalty to leaders who are loyal to their people and devoted in the elevation of their country have become evident. Great among nations.
This anniversary will pass on us, drawing inspiration from the experience and the path of the virtuous breeder, Muhammad Abdullah Ibrahim bin Shalil, who was able to lay down the rules of this majestic facility and praise its premises and its constants, which we are still quoting to enlighten our present and inhale the features of what we aspire for tomorrow, God willing

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    • Headquarter Office
      2385 Al-Olaya Rd, Al-Olaya Dist.
      Riyadh 12611
      Saudi Arabia
      (✆) 0541639093