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Al-Tayyar Company is a Saudi joint stock company that is one of the largest travel and tourism companies locally within the Kingdom, regionally and internationally. It was established in 1980 when the Al Tayyar Travel Reservations Office was established in the capital, Riyadh, with a capital of one million Saudi riyals, which was established as a sole proprietorship and turned into a limited liability company in 1997, and It turned into a closed joint stock company on May 2, 2005, and now the company has 300 offices distributed in different regions in the Kingdom and 20 companies outside the Kingdom, then the capital was increased to 800 million riyals in 2009 and 1200 million riyals in 2013, which is the largest A company in the capital for a travel and tourism company.
Within the Kingdom, the group owns companies: Al-Tayyar Holidays for Travel and Tourism, Al-Tayyar International Agency for Air Transport, Al-Tayyar Travel and Tourism, Shipping, Al-Sarh for Tourism and Travel, the National Bureau for Travel and Tourism, Al-Season Travel and Tourism, Mawasem for Tourism and Umrah Services, Mawasem Holidays Company, a tour to organize tourism trips, Al-Tayyar for development and investment, last-minute reservations and high speed For transportation, car rental, insurance brokerage, Traveler magazine, and your IT technology.
The company is an agent of the passenger airline and the freight airline.
The company owns international companies in: Egypt, UAE, Sudan, Lebanon and Malaysia.
The company's vision: For the company to achieve leadership in providing integrated travel and tourism products for both the traveler and the travel agent in the Saudi market and internationally.
The company's mission: to achieve the group's vision to be the leader in providing integrated travel and tourism products.
The company provides all services related to travel, tourism, shipping and car rental, including: booking and issuing tickets on all international, regional and domestic airlines, following up and confirming reservations, issuing land and sea travel tickets, as well as train tickets. The company also provides an integrated package of tourism services, including booking hotels and residential units around the world, or in a chain of luxury hotels and furnished apartments belonging to the company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to special tourism programs: such as incentive trips, and Honeymoon programs, businessmen and VIP programs, medical trip programs, study and education services, Hajj and Umrah, organizing conferences and meetings inside and outside the Kingdom, and many other services. It also provides air, sea, and land transport services, passenger transport services within cities and its suburbs, and goods transport services, in addition to the services of issuing customs passbooks (triptec), international licenses, customs clearance services for goods and goods, packaging services, all types of insurance services, and insurance Travel and rental services, such as: car rental, aircraft, ships, yacht rental services, and private islands.
And «Al-Tayyar Travel Group» obtained a certificate (ISO 9001/2008) by Moody International, and this certificate has been accredited by (UKAS), and also obtained a general power of attorney for the sales of «Global Network of Services Airlines », and the best tourism operator award from the Malaysian government for the years 2004 and 2005 in the Middle East, and won the best agent award for« Saudi Arabian Airlines »for several years.

The “Tayyar Travel Holding Group” has made efforts in the fields of charitable work and spreading the values ​​of solidarity among people, and its sponsorship of the Ramadan campaign “Save it and earn its reward”, which aims to spread the culture of preserving grace in the Saudi society in general and among housewives in particular by directing them not to be extravagant and reduce The amount of food prepared in each meal, and the incentive to distribute excess food to beneficiaries.
The company provides services: reservation and issuance of travel tickets, tourism, special programs, Hajj and Umrah, rental services, transport services, insurance services, organizing exhibitions, conferences and meetings within the Kingdom and around the world, and the online reservation site.
The company also invests in the countries of Kuwait: in the Shamil International Holding Company KSS, in the United Arab Emirates in the Al-Tayyar Travel and Tourism Company Ltd., and in Canada, Amr Travel Company Ltd.

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