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AlAhli Takaful Company (ATC), decreed by Royal Decree No. M/70 and incorporated by Ministerial Resolution No.262 dated 20-11-1428H. (Corresponding to 11 December 2006), is a Saudi joint stock company registered in Jeddah under Commercial Registration No. 4030171573 dated 21-07-1428H. (Corresponding to 04 August 2007). The Company operates under Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency''s (SAMA) (insurance regulator) license No. TMN/7/20079 dated 29-08-1428H (corresponding to 11-09-2007) in accordance with the Cooperative Insurance Regulations issued by Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency. ATC initial capital amounted to SR 100 million. On 12 December 2011 the shareholders agreed to increase the company capital to SR 166,666,670 bringing the shares issued to a total of 16,666,667 shares.

The company operates insurance in accordance with the Cooperative Insurance Regulations issued by Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency. The Company's principal activity is to provide protection and saving insurance products through insurance solutions for individuals and groups.


We strives to be a Saudi Insurance Company that implements the highest international standards in order to provide world class insurance products based on Shari’a values and principles and we aim to continue developing optimal solutions to meet the needs and expectations of both, our customers and partners alike.


To be the leading regional provider of Shariah Compliant Protection Solutions, satisfying the aspirations of Gulf citizens, while creating optimal shareholder value through Innovation, World Class Service, and recognition as the Employer of Choice in the regional Insurance Sector.

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    • Headquarter Office
      8746 al amir sultan, Al-Khalidiyyah Dist.
      Jeddah 23423 - 3791
      Saudi Arabia