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We were the first bank to operate in the Kingdom in 1926, and then we assumed the role of the central bank, and then two years later we contributed to minting the first Saudi riyal.

The first bank has a legacy of banking innovation spanning 93 years. The bank assumed a leadership role that included many positive changes in the financial services in the Kingdom. It also initiated assistance in issuing the first Saudi currency and worked to facilitate payments for the export of the first oil shipments and is now one of the pioneers in creating digital services in the banking sector. The first bank provides support to large commercial enterprises and medium-sized companies in addition to small and medium enterprises and personal banking customers.

SABB Bank has its origins in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia going back about 70 years, and during that time he was an active partner supporting the Kingdom's economic growth and social development. As a subsidiary of the HSBC Group, SABB’s vision is to become the leading international bank in the Kingdom, supported by corporate banking proposals and institutional banking, and to also be the leading bank in banking and wealth management in the Kingdom by providing a full range of retail banking services. SABB is a leading provider of trade finance, foreign exchange, stocks, and large debt and advisory services.

SABB was established in January 1978, and officially began its activities on July 1, 1978 when it took over the functions of the British Bank for the Middle East in Saudi Arabia.

The merging bank depends on the strengths of the two banks to be:

An attractive place that focuses on personal banking services for citizens and expatriates

A comprehensive center for small, medium and large companies, based on the best international bank in the Kingdom through its association with the HSBC Group

The leading bank for multinational companies and institutions specialized in import and export to and from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The most prominent innovators in digital banking


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