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Al-Farabi College was established in 1430 AH corresponding to 2009 AD, to be a tributary of medical sciences, modern knowledge and a contemporary civilizational project, embodying the vision of wise leadership in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in spreading science and medical knowledge to meet the needs of Saudi society in the medical fields.
 Al-Farabi College embraces two branches in Riyadh and Jeddah offering academic programs in dentistry and nursing, and this is a strong evidence of the comprehensiveness of the vision in relation to the future of higher education, and the renewed needs of the Saudi community in providing human elements capable of going through the challenges and challenges of contemporary life with confidence and competence.
 The tireless efforts of Al-Farabi College have culminated since its foundation, and over five years of continuous work, the college won the tenth rank among Saudi universities and the thirty-sixth among Arab universities according to the World Metrics World Classification (, but the ambitions are still great to raise the level of  The college and its reputation to the level of prestigious universities locally and internationally, at all levels.

 Mission and goals:
 That Al-Farabi colleges contribute to preparing competing medical and nursing competencies locally and regionally in a creative educational environment that encourages scientific research and learning, within a framework of transparency and a commitment to preserve the ethical values ​​of Saudi society.


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