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About Us

About Us

Alfaris International Travel & Tourism is one of the leading IATA accredited travel management company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Partnering with companies of all sizes, government institutions and non- governmental organizations, Alfaris works with each client to define and implement the solutions that best fits their needs and objectives. Therefore, Alfaris offers a variety of products and services to a wide spectrum of its clients whether is for business, medical reasons, or pleasure. Alfaris benefits greatly from existing partnership and is enjoying rapid growth as a result of these mutually beneficial relationships. Alfaris continues to seek additional business partners in many of the world’s areas to continue growth and expansion. The provision of the aviation industry is a market sector that enjoys steady growth for specialized agencies that can meet certain criteria that satisfies the clients’ requirements. This growth is driving a specific need for additional rising demand. Alfaris is committed to continuing growth and dominance in the aviation market. As the position of Saudi Government is to continue privatization in the aviation sector, Alfaris stands ready to take advantage of this initiative in a very strong market. Alfaris continues to raise the standard of services for their valued clientele to exceed their expectations. Alfaris is also continuing to add suitable partners who are relevant and share the same business strategy and beliefs and who will strengthen Alfaris’s position in the market.


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