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Since the commencement of the development programs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the five-year development plans have sought to create a development platform aiming at implementing the saudization of several jobs in various sectors, especially the health sector, where the Kingdom has relied for a long period of time on non-Saudi health professionals. The plan brought out the dire need for the establishment of health educational foundations, institutes, academies, colleges and universities concerned with qualifying the national human resources in this field.

In light of the fact that education and training are fundamental to the development and growth process, the Saudi Kingdom took every effort to support the public and higher education sectors. This has been driven by an extensive vision to provide a balanced development among various regions across the country. The Saudi Kingdom succeeded to manage the largest development plan in higher education resulting in a massive breakthrough of Saudi universities which reached 24 governmental universities in addition to 27 private universities and colleges.


Starting from this point, Al-Ghad International Colleges for Applied Medical Sciences opened its arms widely to welcome students across various campuses spread throughout the Kingdom. The colleges served in the preparation and qualification of Saudi professionals; contributed in training and promoting the skills needed for the health service field within the Kingdom; provided female and male students with outstanding scientific knowledge and individual skills in order to enhance their ability to compete in the local, Arab and international labor market; contributed to open the prospects for scientific research in various fields; and, last but not least, the colleges met the continuing needs of the society in the areas of economic, social and technical development.

Al-Ghad International Colleges for Applied Medical Sciences reflects a value-added, modern vision in the health education field. The colleges strive to provide the best educational services and facilities to achieve the highest levels of education and training aiming to ensure the best learning outcomes.

The Minister of Education approved in 1430 A.H. to open Al-Ghad International Colleges for Applied Medical Sciences.


To become a leading accredited college in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with an aim to prepare undergraduates for future employment in the health services field.

To provide higher health education programs in various specialties to meet the community healthcare needs with a commitment to maintain and improve quality.


  • Prepare and develop skilled technical professionals in the field of applied medical sciences to meet the Kingdom needs of health services professionals.
  • Provide a comprehensive educational environment in terms of academic, administrative, and technical staff, curricula, systems, programs, equipment and facilities.
  • Provide continuous training and education opportunities in the field of applied medical sciences with the aim to promote the performance efficiency in health sectors and improve their productivity.
  • Participate with the Kingdom’s health sector to create and develop the system of health services based upon professional and scientific principles.
  • Contribute to the development of applied medical sciences in the kingdom through facilitating the exchange of scientific production and transfer of knowledge.
  • Promote international cooperation programs by linking the college with education, training and research institutions both locally and internationally in order to enable the exchange of experience and further develop the students’ skills and capabilities in a professional manner to achieve excellence.
  • Meet quality standards and attain local and international accreditations.
  • Contribute in the saudization of health jobs in the Kingdom.


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