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Shamlan for Desalination is pleased to provide a simplified profile of our establishment as an organization that has been operating since 1426H under Commercial Registration No. 1010215426 for the wholesale trade in water purification equipment and equipment, irrigation equipment, spare parts, installation and maintenance, water systems and systems and packaging materials. Shamlan for Desalination has implemented several large desalination plants in farms, palaces and factories as well as desalination plants, customer follow-up periodically and changing filters. In addition to the maintenance, supply and operation of a number of projects at the present time. We would like to emphasize that through our experience in the field of desalination we are always ready to implement what is required to work with the highest specifications while maintaining the right price and in the shortest possible time. We hope to always be as good as our customers.

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      8034 عائشة بنت ابي بكر, Al-Zahrah Dist.
      Riyadh 12985 - 4915
      Saudi Arabia