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Anas Ali Muhammad Al-Jarifani for Trading and General Contracting is one of the leading institutions in the field of purification, desalination and water treatment systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it was established in 2017 in the Riyadh region and its headquarters are located in Al-Kharj Road.

It owns a tax register # 310190798800003 and its website was established Anaswaterksa in 2019, where Anas has a select group of experts, chemists, engineers and technicians in the field of purification, desalination and water treatment in order to ensure the quality and safety of what it offers to its customers. From installing and maintaining all desalination plants and household water filters in working in the field of desalination, purification and water treatment with the best modern means and methods. The main field is the design and implementation of desalination plants regardless of their source (ground well - sea water - municipal water) and obtaining pure water from them drinkable, completely pure and sterile according to international and Saudi specifications as well. In addition to our services in supplying and implementing desalination projects (factories - housing complexes - hospitals - schools - palaces - villas) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia