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The College of Applied Engineering in Riyadh offers, in three years, a Bachelor's degree in technical disciplines such as mechanical technology, electronics, electrical technology, and information technology.  The program provides a new approach to vocational teacher training combining vocational discipline training with a professional pedagogy.  In addition, the first trainees gain their practical experiences through internships and applied vocational training in education.  English is the main language of instruction during the entire undergraduate program and students receive intensive education in technical English to complete their education.  In a three-year program, the most recent teaching methods combine vocational training with a comprehensive formation in the chosen technical specialty.  He has a 60: 40 program between theoretical and practical training.  During theoretical training, half the time is used for courses related to pedagogy, while the other half is reserved for technical training.  In cooperation with a number of leading international vocational training institutes, especially in Germany, to ensure high levels of quality in vocational training, successful graduates will obtain a Bachelor of Engineering Technology (BET).,


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