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About Us:

The citizen account program was established to protect Saudi families from the expected direct and indirect impact of various economic reforms, which may cause an additional burden on some segments of society.

The program redirects government benefits to the categories due to them in a manner that leads to the promotion of rational consumption, and ensures effective targeting of subsidies to the various categories deserved, as the support will be provided in cash that is transferred directly to the eligible beneficiaries.

Directed support; Higher efficiency
The Kingdom is keen to provide all necessary services and needs at an appropriate cost for all citizens, but the previous support mechanism for energy and water products included all consumers, with varying consumption.
Through citizen account, the program aims to raise the efficiency of government support by reorienting subsidies to focus its support on the most deserving groups, in order to reduce waste and raise the efficiency of consumption.

Rational consumption; Sustainable resources
Support in its previous form has contributed to encouraging excessive consumption of energy and water products in a manner that leads to waste of these resources. Therefore, the citizen account program was approved as one of the pillars of the economic transformation by reorienting government benefits to meet the needs of citizens in a manner that works to achieve social justice in benefiting from them, and ensures the optimal use of national capabilities and their sustainability for our successive generations without affecting the need of beneficiaries, where direct money transfers An efficient, globally approved method to encourage budget and savings.

Program Goals
Reducing the impact of the economic reforms resulting from the various initiatives on the low and limited income earners of some economic reforms (such as correcting the prices of energy and water products for the coming stages and value-added tax on all food and beverages).
Raising the efficiency of government support, by developing a comprehensive system through which government benefits and support can be channeled to citizens. Instead of direct subsidies for energy products, subsidies will be redistributed to those who qualify.
Encourage rationalization of consumption of energy and water products.

Guidelines for designing a citizen account program:
It should provide the necessary protection to low-income people from the potential impact of the reforms.
The support is in cash based on the levels of rational consumption.
The support is fair for each category and variable according to the size of the family.
Begin disbursing support to families before implementing any structural reforms affecting the citizen.

The future vision of the citizen account program:
Supporting reforms to Saudi families is the first step for the citizen account program, to be a comprehensive program of all government aid and subsidies through one portal.
The portal will provide a unified system for eligibility assessment, which will enable the targeting of groups to be transparent and more effective, and improve the services provided to the citizen.

Through this application; You can view your account details, know the details of financial payments and the results of objections, and other services provided to you from the citizen's account.

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