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About Us:

The King Abdulaziz House was established by Royal Decree on the fifth of Shaaban in 1392 AH corresponding to 1972. It was established to serve the history, geography, etiquette and heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab and Islamic countries in general

The department aims to achieve a number of goals:
Achieving books that serve the history, geography, literature, intellectual and urban implications of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, their printing and translation, and the history and effects of the Arabian Peninsula and Arab and Islamic countries in general.
Preparing research, studies, lectures, and seminars on the biography of King Abdulaziz in particular, and on the Kingdom, its rulers, and its flags, ancient and modern in general
Preserving the sources of the kingdom’s history and collecting it.
Create a memorial hall that includes everything that depicts the life of King Abdulaziz, documentaries and others, and the monuments of the Saudi state since its inception.
Granting an annual award in the name of the King Abdulaziz Award.
Issuing a cultural magazine that serves the purposes of the circuit.
Create a library that includes everything that serves the purposes of the circuit.
Serving male and female researchers in the field of circuit specialties.

This application helps you to know the latest news and events schedule related to the activities of King Abdul Aziz House, and it also provides you with a review of various versions of the department, and view the photo gallery.

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