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About Us:

We are the most efficient, reputed and well known in this industry and offer exclusive products at the lowest prices and highest quality. We also offer great deals for our valuable customers off and on. With us, you can always trust your hard-earned money for expense and investment.

For the people searching for true excellence in the quality of embroidery and sewing machines; SewingMarket.com is the name of trust, demand and choice. We are distributors of these machines in any scale – small or large. From the daily needs in household to massive industrial necessities, we cover them all. We are also distributors of the spare parts related to all these machines so whatever your need may be, there’s guarantee that we have them. Our product list comprises of sewing machines (regular, computerized and industrial machines of different sizes), Embroidery and Quilting machines, Craft Machines, Cutting Machines, Ironing press, Fusing press, Bag closer machines and many more. For the full list of our products please check our website.

What we really do?

Our services include distribution, repair, and maintenance. We even provide services for training on how to operate these machines as we have the best trainers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, trained and certified by JUKI and brother electronics. Our name is a brand among garment manufacturers and designers and that is because our quality is undoubtedly the best. That claim is strengthened by the fact that we have a vast experience of 45 years Our Main branch is located in – Dhahab Street, Bab Sharif, Al Balad. Jeddah, but with a total of five branches four in Jeddah and one in Riyadh – we cover the whole Saudi Arabia. Our services are therefore easy to come by, best in quality and economic to go with.

Our Vision

Be the inspirational leader that helps everyone find their Happy Place through superior assortments, presentation and service.

Our vision is to become the leading traders and exporters of sewing and embroidery goods not just in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but worldwide. Our visionaries dream of taking the already reputed name to a global level. We aspire to become the number brand in this industry to be recognized instantly not just in this country but in the entire world.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple- to be nothing short of the best distributors of garment embroidery machines. Our aim is true customer satisfaction and providing only the best quality products to our valuable buyers. Our services are based off of the requirement of consumers in a bigger picture, and we believe that a company only exists to quench the necessities of people. We also believe in the motto of serving all categories of customers, and that is why if you ever come to us with a problem you will return with a solution no matter how big or small the problem is. We value the ability to satisfy customers over financial gains as a company. We pursue excellence in order to achieve success. This puts us in a different league from our competitors.

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      09:00 AM - 02:00 PM , 05:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    • Headquarter Office
      6974 King Fahad Road, Al-Bawadi Dist.
      Jeddah 23531
      Saudi Arabia
      (✆) 0501040535