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The establishment of Human Resources Development Fund(HRDF) has come under the council of minsters' decision No. (107) dated 29/04/1421H, and the Royal Decree No.(m/18) dated 5/05/1421H with its legal entity which is financially and administratively independent. As a result of an clear vision of a Saudi strategic objective which its achievement represents an unprecedented challenge. That objective is the job nationalization in the private sector. Therefore the establishment of HRDF has come as one of the active mechanisms to contribute in providing the Saudi cadre or staff that is well qualified with education knowledge and well trained national youths (both males and females) in order to be in the level of accepting that challenge and achieving that strategic objective which will provide the country with social , security and economic benefits by enabling the Saudi youths to possess the knowledge and skills that are required for filling private sector jobs and consequently all that will result in positive influence on the national economy.


Sustainable and productive national workforce.


To develop and increase the competitiveness of the national workforce in partnership with the public and private sector through

- specialized and distinguished training

- upskilling and employment programs, that satisfy beneficiaries’ (customers’) needs,

provided by qualified human resources, advanced information systems, and integrated knowledge and research methodology.


- Customer Focus
- Excellence
- Fairness
- Learning
- Team Spirit
- Loyalty
- Inspiration source

Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) aims to support the efforts of national workforce and employment in the private sector, and in order to achieve its objectives it has to perform the following:

- Providing subsidies in order to support the national workforce, training and employment in private sector.
- Participation and contribution in the costs of supporting the national workforce and training to the private sector jobs. The board of directors of human resources development fund (HRDF) determines the ratio of this participation or contribution whereas the remaining ratio is paid by the employer who benefits from training the trainees.
- Cover a ratio of the salary of those who are employed in the private sector after supporting and training them; also for those who are employed in in coordination with Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) whereas the employer pays the remaining ratio of the salary. Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) cover that ratio for a period of time not exceeding two years and HRDF board of directors lays down the required conditions for the payment of that ratio of the salaries.
- Subsidize field programs , projects, plans and studies that aim to the employment of Saudi citizens and replace the expat labor.
- Providing loans to private establishments ,that support and train national workforce, that are established in Saudi and to expand their activities or to introduce the modern methods in those establishments.
- Conducting research and studies related to activities in the field of supporting, training and employment of the national working workforce also to provide institutions or establishments of with technical and administrative counseling.

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    • Headquarter Office
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