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About Us

Ijara is a Saudi company that started doing business in 2012 and provides its clients with integrated financial leasing services in accordance with the provisions and principles of Islamic Sharia.

Our vision

To be an ideal provider and preferred option for flexible and affordable financing leasing solutions and to be distinguished in providing the service and pioneers in creating financing products for our clients.

Our Mission

We work to establish new standards for financial leasing services through a group of highly qualified experts, bringing together lofty values ​​and goals, motivating us to believe and challenge to provide a unique and promising experience for our customers to achieve their goals.

Our philosophy

Within the leasing business environment, it is not only a matter of commitment, but rather we seek to be pioneers in the field of providing financial leasing services that are in line with the provisions of Islamic Sharia and developing innovative financing products and services that achieve leadership in the market and help our customers to meet their needs and achieve their goals. We do our best to provide the highest levels of service to the customer and we focus on enhancing the value of our customers by giving them absolute priority within our interests and our constant endeavor to meet their needs and obtain their satisfaction. We at Ijara always strive to ensure that all elements of our team have the highest professional standards that reflect the spirit of commitment to providing the best and easiest services.

When it comes to car rental that ends in ownership, Ijarah is the ideal solution that meets the aspirations and needs of all customers and has their absolute trust for many reasons, including:

Rent is the fastest way to own your car without time consuming procedures

The lease allows you to maintain your capital to be able to use it for other productive commercial purposes

Leasing Leasing programs allow you with several options in order to give you flexibility and facilitation

Ijarah offers you financing solutions within a flexible time frame that suits your needs


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