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About Us:

For more than 65 years, Kooheji Jewellery has been providing its customers with unique jewellery from around the world. It is known for integrating wonderful designs, lovely art and precise manufacturing into its jewellery.

Through our website, you, our esteemed client, can view our innovative and beautiful jewellery collections that offer a touch of elegance and reflect a modern artistic sense. The splendor of our art is reflected through each piece, thus maintaining our special character and lasting brilliance.


65 years ago, Abdullah and Abdul Wahed Al-Kooheji, who are brothers, established a name in the world of elegance and high-end jewellery in the Kingdom of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. These regions have become symbols of originality and authenticity with its unique designs, high-quality jewellery and unique pure diamonds.

Kooheji jewellery has partnered with some of the most prestigious international jewellery designers who provide elegant designs of the finest and purest pieces of diamonds and precious stones

Our jewellery is distinguished by its unique quality, which has been maintained for decades. We establish trust with our clients by providing them with positive experiences and elegant and sophisticated jewellery that are crafted with utmost professionalism and precision.


Glamor, professionalism, excellence and originality are qualities that Kooheji Jewellery seeks to maintain from the design stage to the completion processes.

Kooheji Jewelry believes in the importance of quality and excellence, and is fully aware that these factors do not come without the confidence of our customers in our products. For this reason, we pay great attention to all the details of our jewellery and selected designs. We examine and test every piece of our precious stones and diamonds to ensure that they meet all the standards and quality indicators used at the top international institutes.

This attention extends to our relationships with our customers during after-sales as well as when providing services to our customers. We make sure we are trustworthy by constantly communicating with full transparency and honesty. Therefore, our clients always refer to us during their time of need. Our philosophy is: "Jewellery that you trust."

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      8567 جبل اخزم, Al-Nuzhah Dist.
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