M.Al balawi for customs clearance and transport

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About Us:

Our dear customer we are plasure for serve you always ALbalawi comp. for customes clearance give you brief about our efforts and our works and efforts about that how we storage your goods and how save it and security supervision by saudii customes

Make all Crisis measureswith managemennt of custommes until doing your goods with out any problems in fast mood any country that our service in customes clearance same that in fast time and clear and quality that required in work store

All of our customers being that permanent customers that for turast in time and work that give safement impression way of our comp. and our employes that we respect and give more we make safe for goods from that full position team of jops until dont tampering in goods that for make safe to our customers for their goods that will come same case of export

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    • Business Hours:
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    • Headquarter Office
      3581 الامير فواز بن عبدالعزيز, Al-Rabwah Dist.
      Riyadh 12813 - 7909
      Saudi Arabia