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MAGRABi – where eye care is both a science and an art

For over 90 years we’ve been leading innovations in eyewear while constantly challenging boundaries. From the opening of our first store in 1927 we’ve made the marriage of avant-garde style and state-of-the-art eye care our purpose in life.

With more than 150 stores across 5 countries, and with 20 pioneering MAGRABi hospitals focused on vision and eye health research, we’re the Middle East’s leading fashion eyewear and medical eye care specialist.

Throughout the U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Egypt, MAGRABi stores and eyewear concept stores are home to a carefully curated collection of eyewear styles and designer brands, as well as the most advanced contact lenses available.

At MAGRABi, eye care is both a science and an art.



Our eyes are our windows on the world. That’s why at MAGRABi we don’t just care for your eyes – we delight and empower them. We’re well-known for our medical expertise and our state-of-the-art eye care. No one else delivers 90 years of experience in such an inspiring and innovative retail environment. At MAGRABi, we aim to be inspirational optical experts within our stores where eye care is both a science and an art. Empowering community members with their rights to eye health, we have also long been advocates of women’s empowerment and women hold many key positions within the top levels of our management. We’re not simply making on-trend statements, we’ve been doing things this way since 1927 because we’ve always known it is right.



Everything we do is driven by our core values of innovation, inspiration, individuality and impact. So passionate are we about these traits that we included their reference in our identity and stores through our company’s name: MAGRABi






We’re at the forefront of contemporary style, combining pioneering store concepts with services delivering cutting-edge technology and expert medical advice.

We’ve reimagined the traditional retail experience and created an environment that explores the science and art of eyecare, creating a fully immersive experience that connects our customer emotionally to our brand leaving them feeling engaged and excited.

With 90 years of experience, we’ve taken the time to get to know our customers and have tailored our offer to include uniquely personalized services and carefully curated products.

We’re delivering relevant and contextual eye wear and eyecare solutions on every visit to our stores. We’re making our mark on each customer’s journey and ensuring eyecare is accessible to all.

We chose our now familiar mint green color as a reflection of the health, renewal, harmony, freshness and energy which combine to create an environment of calm within our stores. We added black to highlight the essence of our sophistication, and also included a dash of pink for an added touch of femininity.

What makes us unique?

We see the science and technology behind eye care as a fascinating art
We are proud of our medial heritage and the depth of our service expertise. We believe the best way to share with customers our knowledge in eye care, together with our technologically advanced equipment and beautifully crafted products, is to celebrate each as a representation of fascinating art.

We offer informed design and lifestyle choices for our customers
Eyewear reflects personal style and is a means of self-expression. This is why we carefully select the world’s best brands and latest designs to address the desires of our customers across all markets and segments.

Our retail experience is second to none
In our role as the leader in the optical industry, we’ve reinvented the retail experience for our customers. We want to deliver delight and surprise on every visit to our stores. With inspiring retail environments and innovative touchpoints, we’ve created emotional connections with our customers.

We’re always making things better
We are obsessed with making things better. Whether this means creating better products and services, a more memorable customer experience, a better place to work for our employees or giving back to the local community, all-in-all, making things better has become a habit of ours.





To care, to collaborate, to build capacity Inclusivity is at the very core of MAGRABi. Caring is the heart of our nature and we take our commitment further in support of our team, our customers, our business partners and the community. We believe in the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. As continuous learners we’re embracing change and prioritizing collaborations to add value and grow the capacity and capabilities of ourselves as individuals, our company, our partners and stakeholders.


To remain humble, to act with integrity and respect We’re human, and we act with the highest standards of humanity. We treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves. At MAGRABi, there’s no room for ego – we’re a team and we value the contribution of all. We maintain the highest standards of integrity and work ethics – yes, we work even when no one is watching. We follow the commitments we made to our partners and customers, we comply with our company’s systems and procedures, and we’re not afraid of making hard decisions when we know they’re the right decisions. We’re respectful. We’re great listeners. We treat everyone as our equal and, when conflict arises, we’re sure to resolve it in an open and positive manner.


To be leaders, always accountable and always innovating We’re pioneers and we launch into every new task with the outcome in mind, and with the belief that it is possible. We’ve created a productive atmosphere, one where the proactive and those with passion feel empowered and inspire others. Even after 90 years in business, we’re still operating with a start-up mentality. We’re innovating, pushing boundaries and thinking creatively. We’re restless pioneers, but we’re doing so with discipline and an acceptance of our own accountability. We own our projects, we’re agile, and we’re constantly evolving with the aim of remaining the industry leader.



As we continue to drive our ambition to establish a replicable public health-oriented model for equitable sustainable and comprehensive eye health care, we recognize our responsibility to maintain the best social, sustainable and economic practices.

- The generation and sharing of knowledge, leading us towards evidence-based interventions.

- To empower community members through raising awareness of their rights to eye health.

- To deliver high-volume, high-quality and affordable eye health services across all socio-economic sectors.

- To provide for the rehabilitation and social integration of all those with unavoidable vision loss.

- To build the capacity of eye health professionals.

- To contribute towards shaping eye health sector policies through networking and partnerships.

- To conduct our business in an environmentally aware and sustainable manner for the benefit of future generations.

The MAGRABi Foundation:

Every product sold at MAGRABi sees a percentage of the sale go to the MAGRABi Foundation.

The MAGRABi Foundation is a private foundation that tackles a need with the utmost social impact in mind – Preventing Blindness in Egypt.

In 1992 Dr. Akef El-Maghraby established the foundation to promote affordable eye care services for all in Egypt, and with no discrimination related to income, religion or ethnicity.

The MAGRABi Foundation’s Vision: To create a Society where needless blindness ceases to exist

The MAGRABi Foundation’s Mission: To provide affordable eyecare to all

It builds on 20 years plus of successful partnerships with leading global, regional and local organizations and incorporates the specialist knowledge and experience of the MAGRABI Medical Group to help achieve its goals.





To become recognized as a world-class eyecare and eyewear retail brand


To delight our customers with unparalleled expertise and an inspiring choice in eye care


To deliver superior value for customers and shareholders

To become the preferred partner for stakeholders and the communities we work in


Teamwork: We are one MAGRABi, one team
Honesty: What’s right is right
Respect: We treat everyone as equal
Integrity: We take ownership


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