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 Safe living, prosperity and well-being are demands that a person has always sought to fulfill, and it is a blessing that God was grateful to for His servants “the blessing of security from fear and satiety from hunger.” To him, he searches under his safe shadows for a life full of vitality, prosperity and development. Hence the idea of ​​Malath, which in Arabic means "safe haven in difficult times".

Malaz was formed as a public joint stock company for cooperative insurance by a group of prominent Saudi investors with a paid-up capital of 300 million Saudi riyals, and in April of 2007 AD the company was formally established to start its activities with a professional lines of operation and mastery that meets the market requirements and insurance needs in a professional manner in providing services with a concept Ideal for comprehensive insurance and in 2017 the company’s capital was increased to 500 million Saudi riyals, through offering priority rights shares.

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