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Providing training and research services to institutions and individuals efficiently, effectively and professionally

The management expert for training and consulting is committed to professional values, credibility and scientific sincerity in providing the unique service that meets the needs of its clients, individuals and organizations, enabling them to continue, develop and grow.



(To be a distinguished house of expertise in development and change through training, consulting and research, attracting its clients with confidence and credibility)


Providing theoretical and field knowledge, and building skills with a methodology based on accumulated knowledge and the comprehensiveness of the perspective, specialized services and innovative thought, and compatibility with market requirements and sustainable development needs, through theoretical and field research, strategic studies, specialized training programs and advanced economic services, in line with the new roles of organizations in the era the talk.


Strategic goals 

The center seeks to achieve the following goals:

Meeting customer needs for training programs in the world of management development.

To provide competitive training solutions to our clients with complete credibility and reliable partnership.

- Attracting qualified trainers and administrative staff in accordance with the highest educational and technical standards.

- Increasing the international partnership through advanced training and the use of human resources agencies to employ their expertise in meeting the needs of our local market.

- Access to leadership and precedence in applying and activating the implications of more recent management research.

Providing consulting services to public benefit organizations as needed, including feasibility studies for programs and projects, strategic planning, administrative development, and human and material resource development

To rise to high ethics in dealing with our clients honestly and upgrading their managerial capabilities to professionalism and professionalism.

Building high-quality, informative educational resources 


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