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About Us:

An initiative by the Saudi Ministry of Commerce in cooperation with (Trust) company for business services to develop and operate it. Known as a new and useful service for all e-commerce dealers, whether sellers or buyers. Like everyone knows that e-commerce is a new way through which everyone can buy or sell through electronic platforms and modern means of communication.

What is benefit maroof?

If you are the seller, there are many marketing benefits that interest you, for example:

maroof .. A service that increases your business confidence in front of your customers.
The service makes it easy for you to reach your target customers.
Evaluating your customers and their comments on your page with a maroof service will show the quality of your services to everyone.
The service is free and you do not need a commercial registration, and all you have to do is register via the service link
You can subscribe to maroof in just a few seconds.
You can link all your accounts on various social platforms on your page with maroof site.
The service is easy and useful, and the confidentiality of your data is guaranteed.
After subscribing to the service, you will get a maroof logo, and if you have a commercial record, you will get the golden logo for the maroof service.
The service gives you the opportunity to market your e-store in various maroof platforms.

But if you are the buyer, there are also many important benefits, including:

You can obtain important information about the electronic stores participating in maroof.
You can see the evaluation of previous customers of the electronic stores, and you can also see their experiences with the stores.
And since the online store subscribes to a maroof service, this naturally relaxes you and increases your comfort.
maroof service is free of charge and facilitates access to the stores involved in the service.
The service provides you with the ability to evaluate any electronic store involved in the service and to comment on its page on maroof.

This application appears as a reliable commercial record, whether you are a shopper who wishes to preserve his rights when buying from e-stores, or the owner of an e-store who wishes to give his business a legal taint in the way of the converts to the repository of the affiliated buyers, Research, evaluation and participation processes.

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