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The founder of the Kingdom, late King Abdulaziz has established peace, stability and security nationwide in accordance with Islamic Sharia laws. He has put an end to political unrest, tribal conflicts and statelessness caused by absence of a powerful central government.

His sons followed suit have developed the country further, adding to its stability and security. They paved the way for tremendous cultural and technological achievements in all fields all over the Kingdom.

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) bears the responsibility to serve citizens and residents, achieving security, stability, and tranquility. The history and formation of the MOI and its various sections passed through phases of administrative development and organization.

The ministers of interior have defined the following strategic objectives for the Ministry:

- Achieve security and stability Kingdom-wide, provide tranquility and safety for the citizens and and fight against all means of crime to ensure the safety of Saudi society and its development.

- Ensure safety of Pilgrims in order to perform their rituals safely.

- Reinforce security relationships with neighboring Arab countries and cooperate with the Countries of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), to maintain safety in the Kingdom and abroad, control crime and drug smuggling, exchange security information, organize citizenship regulations and systems and other miscellaneous issues.

- Reinforce security cooperation with Arab countries to protect cultural possessions and achievements, support internal and external security, control crime, terrorism and drug smuggling and develop Arab security institutions.

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