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About Us:

Over 45 years of real estate development with solid foundations.
Established in 1972, Mohammad Al-Habib Real Estate and Investment Company was initially formed to address the increasing complexity of the Kingdom’s real estate industry and in response to the burgeoning development of Saudi Arabia.
From the outset, the new company’s vision laid the foundation for its leadership role in the field through the implementation of innovative management practices designed to ensure the total satisfaction of our end-user customers and solidifying our current industry prominence.
Today and with the benefit of its well-defined mission, Mohammad Al-Habib Investment Company has experienced compounded growth and prudently diversified its real estate portfolio while cementing its stellar reputation in the Saudi Arabian real estate market.


Passion is what keeps us strive to be the best, it is the fuel for our team, we are passionate about every step we are taking towards our vision. It is our secret to excellence.

We focus on designing remarkable landmarks that improves quality of life. We don’t go with conventional projects, every single one of our projects had creative elements and that’s how it will be always.

We commit to provide excellence and deliver the expectations. And we are committed to achieve the all the goals of our stakeholders.

Our relationships are built on trust and we value it, this trust has been the main pillar of the company. Our team trust each other, and we trust our team.

Precision is the key in quality policy, we are detail oriented, and enjoy producing the best quality. As a promise to our clients we deliver best value for money.

To be the leading real estate investment and development company in the Middle East and North Africa.

To develop residential and commercial signature projects that meet the market needs and requirements with high competencies and an integrated team.

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      7281 eastern ring branch rd, Al Rayan Dist.
      RIYADH 14211 - 2683
      Saudi Arabia