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About Us:

My Town is based on a mini edutainment center (play role) and a big play structure with other activities. My Town has three elements:

Entertainment Play Structure

Inside My Town kids will find a variety of play activities in addition to slides, from trampolines to obstacle courses to climbing walls. The entire play structure is built as a soft-play environment to ensure safety goes hand in hand with fun.

Edutainment Park

In addition, My Town has an interactive edutainment park, where children can take part in role-playing activities designed around a real city.

Science Museum

A museum for scientific display for kids to enhance knowledge.

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    • Business Hours:
      08:00 AM - 05:00 PM


    • Headquarter Office
      2448 الدائري الشرقي, المشرقة
      الرياض 14215
      Saudi Arabia