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About Najd Dear Company for Jewelry

Najd Deer factory, we find gold and jewelry, headquartered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company has branches and offices in Belgium, Switzerland and Dubai. 
We at Najad Dear Company find that we are keen on selecting the best types of diamonds with the best standards and the latest modern and classic models that suit our society and in order to excel in the jewelry sector, the best and latest models are selected from the company's jewelry designers and then produced with high quality and manufactured manually and accurately in our factory located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, then all our jewelry pieces are subject to quality and quality checks of gold caliber, the weight and quality of diamonds, and the weight and path of the jewelry piece in the production line. Before leaving a factory, the company imprint is placed on it and it is a special stamp of the company registered in the Ministry of Industry. 

Najd Dear cares about its customers and is a source of its distinctiveness and important presence in the Saudi jewelry market In appreciation of our company for its customers, the company offers some unique advantages in the jewelry sector, including 
1- All jewelry pieces in our showrooms have international certificates from an independent and internationally accredited Italian company that specifies the type, purity, color and weight of diamonds, as well as gold and all certificates are raised with the company on their website
2- A comprehensive guarantee on all jewelry parts that were purchased from the company, including paint, polishing, and repair unless they are misused by the customer.
3- The possibility of replacing jewelry pieces purchased from the company with the same value at any time, even after use (the replacement does not include watches and terms and conditions apply)
4- Free maintenance for all watches sold from the company unless misuse is made by the customer
5- The possibility of reformulating the jewelry that was purchased from the company and remodeling it according to the customer’s request and the chosen model of diamonds and the customer’s gold in addition to the value of manufacturing wages only 
6- The possibility of replacing colored stones of exhalation, ruby and serious in crews as per customer request (provided that the values of the stones are equal). 


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