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Narcissus Hotel was designed according to what was built on the inspiration of the grandeur of the ancient palaces, and its name shined with the steps that aspired with confidence, to be considered one of the most luxurious five-star hotels in Riyadh, and emerged as a sign that shone with its unique elegance, urbanism and the great development that Riyadh witnessed in the field of tourism and hotel , By establishing Narcisse according to the top of the global hotel list. The average Narcissus Hotel is in the heart of Riyadh at the intersection of Olaya Street and Tahlia Street, and it has enjoyed a strong participation with the rest of Riyadh's luxury hotels, with its luxurious architecture, elegant international décor, and its furniture that blended with design to complete the splendor of the zeitgeist. It consists of 280 rooms and suites, in addition to the royal suite, and all the rooms and suites, and the suite, suite, suite, suite, suite, suite, and suite. The rooms of Narcissus Hotel in Riyadh are again equipped with 280 luxurious rooms and suites with a classic design and artistic aspects of the residence an unforgettable experience, where spacious spaces, lighting control systems, rooms, in addition to a 46-inch flat-panel TV, the latest media, interactive TV, and Cisco phones Equipped with multiple calls, for high speed internet access, Nespresso coffee and tea maker, and a personal safe in every room. The food and its restaurants patrons experience the backstage of the kitchen with their own eyes through the private dining hall sessions, where they embrace the Pacific waves and the East Asian charm from the room and the West selected by the most skilled international chefs.

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