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About Us:

Qafat Training Center is a branch of Al-Siyaj Al-Ameen Company

The center's mission
Believing in the management of the Jumping Training Center for the necessity to achieve real development for the private and public sectors in the Arab world to support its capabilities in facing future challenges, we have found that it is necessary to prepare and qualify human cadres in many administrative and professional fields that Arab business establishments need, you have to improve the quality of performance in The private and public sectors are trained and developed, and accordingly we felt our responsibility towards them

Our motto
Quality in training is a continuous journey, not an arrival station

The strategy
The training and educational strategy at the Jumpz Center is based on five main pillars that together make up the general framework according to which the training process proceeds. These pillars are:

Supporting the basic information in the different fields of specialization, linking it to the applied aspects according to the latest variables in practice, and achieving the integrated knowledge of the trainees.
The transfer of specialized expertise in a broad way, using the assistance of distinguished practitioners in successful facilities.
Direct support for the foundations of modern business management using the role of quantitative aspects and statistical analysis in decision-making.
The widespread use of computers and its practical applications in various fields of activity.
Practical training and field research on the ground to support the applied aspects of the trainees.

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  • Location & Business Hours:
    • Headquarter Office
      6315 al amir jalawi ibn turki ibn abdul aziz, Al-Muruj Dist.
      Riyadh 12281 - 3297
      Saudi Arabia