Riyadh for Travel and Tourism

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  • Mobile Number: 920022228
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About Us:

Riyadh Travel and Tourism is one of the 10 largest travel and tourism companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. All travel and tourism services are provided with high expertise to all companies and governmental and private sectors such as institutions, ministries, hospitals and others.

The company was established in 2004, and the company is one of the young companies that have enough energy to succeed and satisfy customers.

The company has more than 35 branches and more than 290 highly qualified employees throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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  • Location & Business Hours:
    • Headquarter Office
      Riyadh 13217
      Saudi Arabia
      (✆) 292 7777
      (☏) 292 7777
    • Riyadh
      6977 Salahuddin Al-Ayoubi Road, Al-Malaz Dist.
      Riyadh 12836
      Saudi Arabia
      (✆) 292 7777