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About Us:

Rowaad of an official Saudi company registered commercially with the name (Rowaad of Hosting Trade) was launched in 2006. Rowaad are keen on continuous development and we are always keen to be in the forefront by providing the best of our quality in work and customer confidence with us Rowaad providing the best and fastest global servers and providing full protection for servers where we are the best in the field of protection at the level of the Arab world Rowaad characterized by the quality of web design by providing a team Integrated designers and professional programmers. Rowaad distinguished by the innovation of the idea, the mastery of implementation, the creativity, the end in design, our work for our clients is the best evidence. Rowaad of 10 years of creativity in the web makers. We supervise the largest websites in the Arab world through our various services of hosting, design, programming and marketing. We have a strong work team with extensive experience in the web field that can accomplish and implement any project idea that may come up with it through our valued customers. Welcome back together after "10" years of success
He does not seek success if he does not have ambition, and therefore, ambition was our inexhaustible weapon, and we know that we will not reach to achieve your goal to work and grandfather. Hosting Rowaad works to achieve market requirements for services and solutions through which he can excellence. This is for the sake of your site, dear customer. We must achieve your success in order to succeed together in providing a distinguished service. We are pleased to be your first choice by communicating with us. Rowaad of the best choice always.

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    • Headquarter Office
      2870 ibrahim ar rasafi, Al-Olaya Dist.
      Riyadh 12241 - 6529
      Saudi Arabia