Rowad Alkhaleej International School for Special Education

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About Us:

We believe that all children should have an equal opportunity to great and advanced education. Rowad Al Khaleej International School in Riyadh – Malqa branch present “Special Education Program” for students with special needs under the Ministry of Education supervision. We aim to create a promising, educational and positive environment for our students.

Target Students

Autistic & Attention deficit hyperactivity children.

We provide a special care and interactive education for autistic and hyperactive children from 4 to 12 years old in an educational environment based on the best teaching & learning methods.

Our Schools help children to enhance their skills through an educational environment which provides:

  1. Academic Skills
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Developing their positive attitude
  4. Special Care
  5. Personal Skills
  6. Physical Skill

  • Services Offered:
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  • Location & Business Hours:
    • Headquarter Office
      3162 التقوي, حي الملقا
      الرياض 13521 - 7410
      Saudi Arabia