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About Us:

Our launch was in 1976 from the heart of the Kingdom to put the cornerstone of Arabic sweets manufacturing at its best in the whole region. The range of the kinds of sweets expanded afterwards to enrich itself with a large number of kinds and sweets from all around the world distinguished by their high quality and known for their most delicious taste.


We endeavour at Saadeddine to become the leaders across the world in the field of food-manufacturing companies because the essence of our job supports our view through giving our team work the freedom to be creative in combining the best ingredients and presenting them in a warm heart of smiles.


We want to be a role model to aspire to in the field of food manufacturing in all the markets of which we are part, while becoming one day a major part of the happiest moments in our customers' lives.

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    • Business Hours:
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    • Headquarter Office
      4069 بلال بن رباح, Al-uraija Al-Gharbiiah Dist.
      Riyadh 14921 - 7273
      Saudi Arabia