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SABB Bank has its origins in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia going back about 70 years, and since then it has been an active partner supporting the Kingdom's economic growth and social development. As an associate of the HSBC Group, SABB's vision is to become the leading international bank in the Kingdom, backed by the leading banking solutions it offers in the field of corporate and corporate banking, individual banking and wealth management. SABB is also a leader in trade finance, foreign exchange, stocks, and large debt and advisory services.

The first bank has a legacy of banking innovation spanning 93 years. The bank has taken a pioneering role that included many positive changes in the financial services in the Kingdom, foremost among which is its contribution to the issuance of the first Saudi currency, and it has facilitated the payments for the export of the first oil shipments and is now one of the pioneers of digital services innovation in the banking sector. The first bank provides support to large commercial enterprises and medium-sized companies in addition to small and medium enterprises and personal banking customers.

SABB was established in January 1978, and officially began its activities on July 1, 1978 when it took over the functions of the British Bank for the Middle East in Saudi Arabia.

The merging bank depends on the strengths of the two banks to be:

Attractive bank focuses on personal banking services for citizens and expatriates

A comprehensive bank for small, medium and large companies, based on the best international bank in the Kingdom through its association with the HSBC Group

The leading bank for multinational companies and institutions specialized in import and export to and from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The leading bank in digital banking

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    • Headquarter Office
      Prince Abdul Aziz Ibn Musaid Ibn Jalawi, Al-Murabba Dist.
      Riyadh 12743
      Saudi Arabia
      (☏) 114408666
      (📱) 920007222
      (☎) 8001160099
      (📠) 112764356
    • Jeddah
      King Abdulaziz
      street, Al-Balad Dist.
      Jeddah 22233
      Saudi Arabia
      (☏) 126427008
      (☎) 8001160099
    • Jeddah
      Old Makkah Road, Al-Nazlah Al-Sharqiyah Dist.
      Jeddah 22335
      Saudi Arabia
      (☏) 126883741
    • Jeddah
      Abdullah Sulaiman Street, Al-Sharafeyah Dist.
      Jeddah 23216
      Saudi Arabia
      (☏) 126525111
    • Jeddah
      Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Street, Al-Sharafeyah Dist.
      Saudi Arabia
      (☎) 8001160099