Saudi Charity Cancer Society

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The Saudi Society for Charity Cancer was established in 1424 AH, and when the fight against cancer needed tools, equipment, and a sense of society, the danger of this incurable disease and what our society suffers from, which moved from 7000 patients to 10,000 patients in an acceleration similar to the acceleration of cancer, the people of goodness and the contestants took the initiative Remuneration and reward for the support of the Saudi Charitable Society for Cancer Control. His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz - may God have mercy on him - established a building for the association and provided annual support to it. Then the souls of the good people shone from businessmen and dignitaries and they came in the footsteps of their prince blessing those steps. They established centers for early detection in each of Riyadh and Medina, and donated a lot to the association to enable it to carry out its multiple functions.

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