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About Us:

Selah is a leading Saudi company, providing a wide range of innovative and high-quality solutions, products and services to enhance the efficiency of facilities, management and organization of work and remote training in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the use of the latest information and communication technology.

Sila will build systems and procedures that help workers and remote workers perform their job duties for commercial or governmental institutions, as workers and remote workers have all the tools that allow them to complete the tasks required of them at home or remotely, such as: computers, documents , Office, telephone, etc., so that remote workers and workers, after completing the required job tasks, send what has been accomplished to the facility by e-mail, fax, or electronically through customer service systems, and communication is made by phone or by e-mail with the direct manager or supervisor The official in the organization to request the new tasks to be completed. All under the management of the project management system, employee performance measurement and automatic control. Sila will also offer distance training and electronic training classes (via the e-learning portal) in multiple areas such as English, business skills, accounting principles, human resources management, marketing management, accounting principles, secretarial and office management, administrative planning and organization, and others for all employees and Workers from home.

Our Culture and Identity

Through the use of the latest information and communication technology, we will be able to enable the Saudi workforce to work using new media and to achieve benefits for them and employers alike.

Empowering the workforce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who are male and female, to face the challenges they face in order to harmonize their family obligations with their effective participation in the state's workforce

Sila staff are committed to the values ​​of achievement, enthusiasm, inspiration, diversity, openness, and integrity. And they must always take into account in their behavior upholding these values.

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    • Headquarter Office
      3862 al qasr, Al-Nda Dist.
      Riyadh 13317 - 7959
      Saudi Arabia
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