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About Us:

We are a company specialized in providing products and services in the field of water treatment for daily consumption. Our founders drew on their 15 years of experience in importing and developing household products to establish the company in 2019 in Riyadh.

Convinced of the importance of universal access to clean and healthy water, we created our website and developed our brand with the aim of sharing our knowledge and experience in this field with our potential customers.

At Smartly, we aim to provide our solutions to companies and individuals and focus on developing our activity and improving the quality of our services and products in all parts of Saudi Arabia. We strive to empower our customers with high-performance solutions that have won the satisfaction of millions of users around the world.

We also support innovative and environmentally friendly options to provide high quality services and reliable and certified products in order to satisfy the requirements of our customers. As such we always strive to establish close relationships with them.