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About Us:

The Social Development Bank was established in 1971. The Bank's objectives were focused on social loans. Over the years, the services expanded to include business loans. The current governance of the bank was issued in accordance with the Royal Decree No. M / 34 dated 28/6/2006, thus canceling the previous bank's system issued in accordance with the Royal Decree No. M / 44 dated 1/11/1971. The Bank is one of the important governmental pillars in the field of offering social development loans to less privileged citizens to empower and enable them to play an effective role in national development plans. In addition to supporting small and micro enterprises as a key player in the Kingdom's economy. The Bank has adopted strategies and plans to develop the small and micro enterprises ecosystem , facilitating and accelerating the loaning process through different programs.

To be pioneers in empowering social development tools and enhancing the financial independence of individuals and families towards a vital and productive society.

Provide financial and non-financial services and targeted savings plans supported by qualified human resources to contribute in social development, building partnerships with multiple sectors, spreading financial awareness and promoting a culture of self-employment among all segments of society.

- Integrity

We perform our duties in accordance with the highest standards of honesty and reliability. We manage our resources with a sense of responsibility and commitment to ethics as a government bank with a social responsibility stemming from our religion and systems.
- Transparency
All our procedures and practices are clear and professional. We disclose our achievements and results to beneficiaries and the community.
- Excellence
We focus on achieving the desired results and striving to make a difference. We are working to achieve a sustainable social and economic impact for our internal and external customers, partners and the community. We look forward to providing better services.
- Commitment
We perform our duties in accordance with our religious values and our commitment towards our kingdom and our responsibility. This is reflected in the ways we deal with our Listenpartners and customers and how our employees perform their daily tasks.
- Innovation
We are constantly seeking new ideas that allow us to benefit the Saudi society. From our vision and mission, we always aim to attract people who have such ideas and make them part of our larger family.

- First:
Providing interest-free financing and non-financial services for micro-enterprises in order to encourage their owners to do business themselves and for their own benefit. The bank categorizes those enterprises and sets their capital maximum limit and number of employees.
- Second:
Providing interest-free social financing for low-income nationals to assist them in overcoming their financial difficulties.
- Third:
Developing and sponsoring the microenterprises sector so as to promote its role in the social and economic development.
- Fourth:
Working on encouraging thrift and savings among individuals and institutions in the Kingdom, and creating the instruments and the schemes that can fulfil this goal.
- Fifth:
Providing interest-free financing programs and non-financial services for civil associations and institutions in order to enable them to contribute in the provision of services for the target segments by the bank.

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    • Headquarter Office
      7862 abi barzah al aslami, Al-Dhubbat Dist.
      Riyadh 12623 - 4478
      Saudi Arabia
      (📱) 920008002