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Deep understanding of our clients' requirements ...
We realized from the beginning that the customer’s satisfaction and meeting his needs is the decisive stage in the success, so we started with a deep understanding of the requirements and needs of our customers, then we moved to the stage of hard work, persistent pursuit, and continuous effort, focusing in our eyes the requirements of our customers and their satisfaction.
The research and marketing team at the Swiss Corner Company studies the Arab markets and the requirements of clients, meets all their requirements and provides solutions appropriate to their comfort. In the light of the achievements of the Swiss Corner Company, the Swiss Corner Company for Hours relationship with its esteemed clients is lost and close, and with their support the company achieves every new year of achievements and excellence.

Company Profile

The Arab markets were not far from the modern development and the continuous race among the leading global companies in the watch and jewelry industry. What is made in the West or the East finds its lovers and wearers in the Arab countries, and the "Swiss Corner Company" is considered one of the largest companies that market watches and jewelry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia in particular and the Arab countries in general. The Swiss Corner Watch Company was founded in 1982 under the supervision and management of a management team that has sufficient experience in the world of watches and jewelry.
Twenty-eight years of success, experience, and mutual trust between the company and its clients is the result of tireless work and continuous planning carried out by the management of the Swiss Corner Company with a distinctive administrative team and a modern organizational structure that fits with the local and international markets and with a future vision that exceeds the country in which the company operates. The Swiss Corner Company is one of the most popular, innovative and widely marketed watch and jewelery companies in the Arab region.
More than 130 exhibitions spread widely, contributing to the sales of the Swiss Corner Watch and Jewelery Company, among the largest in the region.
A group of distinguished cadres working for the Swiss Corner for hours ...
Elite of distinguished cadres working for the Swiss Corner Company, and careful planning that is influenced by the company's mistakes and various departments, mostly in serving our customers.
More than 300 employees working for the Swiss Corner Company for Watches have been trained and developed to maintain the company's position and achieve its goals.
Business integration and high coordination between departments. Through marketing management research is prepared for the targeted markets and study of the different segments of customers on the diversity of their desires and their different needs. The exhibition management also plays its role in coordinating all the exhibitions and ensuring the excellence in display methods and attracting clients.


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