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About Us:

Ministry of Education has recently launched new e-Services mobile applications available for Android and iPhone smartphones. These new applications contains lot of information a​​​bout the ministry and cultural missions including ministry's news, circulars, field events, school locations search, cultural missions locations search, mission's mode of contact, opinion polls and the academic calendar.

The mobile applications also offers several e-Services including students' follow-up related to online applications that they have submitted to cultural missions through the scholarship students portal Safeer, browsing and searching available, recommended universities, schools search and the possibility of following-up of online applications by the public.

This is the first version of smartphone applications and ministry intends to produce more versions of e-Services in the future; including the e-Services offered in the ministry's online applications system. At this moment, the ministry offers 244 services in 19 e-Systems. Ministry is keen to reach the largest number of smartphone users by supporting the two most used mobile systems iPhone (Apple) and Android (Google).

It should be noted that the ministry's Android application is available in the Android market, and it can be found by searching 'Ministry of Education' or by following this link. Ministry's iPhone applications is available in Apple store and can be downloaded from the following links.

This application opens a window for you to communicate with the Minister of Education and all Ministry officials and sectors, with the ability to send suggestions and inquiries, and follow the previous posts.

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      07:30 AM - 02:00 PM

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      07:30 AM - 02:00 PM
    • Headquarter Office
      King Abdullah Branch Road, Salah Alddin Dist.
      Riyadh 12435
      Saudi Arabia
      (☏) 114753000
    • Riyadh
      Alwshm Street, Al-Wisham Dist.
      Riyadh 12631
      Saudi Arabia
      (☏) 114360541
    • Riyadh
      Takhassusi Street
      Al Mathar Ash Shamali, Al-Mutamarat Dist.
      Riyadh 12712
      Saudi Arabia
      (☏) 114753000