The Health Sector Development Holding Company

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About Us:

Formed in November 2008 with the aim of developing and providing a wide range of healthcare services with a focus on building local expertise to improve the quality of healthcare.

HDH plans to achieve its goals through the strength of experienced local staff and international partners. From its inception stages, HDH has established many successful subsidiaries and formed many international affiliations. Each of these products will provide quality products and services in one or more healthcare business sectors. In this dynamic business model, we will continue to grow and expand, and move forward in the future

  • Services Offered:
    Unavailable services

  • Location & Business Hours:
    • Headquarter Office
      911 King Faisal Street, Al-Wurud Dist.
      Riyadh 34421
      Saudi Arabia
    • Jeddah
      Prince Sultan Street, Al-Salamah Dist.
      Jeddah 23437
      Saudi Arabia