The Saudi Investment Bank

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About Us:

The Saudi Investment Bank - a financial institution subject to the supervision and supervision of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, Commercial Registration No. 1010011570

The Saudi Investment Bank was established as a Saudi joint stock company under the Royal Decree No. M / 31 dated 25 Jumada Al-Thani 1396 AH (corresponding to June 23, 1976 AD) and it started its activities on Rabi ’Al-Awwal 25, 1397 AH (corresponding to March 16, 1977 AD). The bank has also established successful joint ventures and subsidiaries to meet customer needs for investment banking, stock trading, asset management, leasing, mortgage, insurance and credit cards.

The list of shareholders of the bank, which is a company listed on the market, includes the General Organization for Social Insurance, the General Pension Agency, in addition to many Saudi public institutions, companies and individuals.

Banking services

The bank provides an integrated set of banking services for companies and individuals in addition to the investment service. The bank carries out industrial and trade finance operations that include the import and export process, as this represents the bank’s commitment to support and develop the private industrial and commercial sector.

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    • Headquarter Office
      Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Road, Al-Nuzhah Dist.
      Riyadh 12743
      Saudi Arabia
      (☏) 11 4183100
      (☎) 8001248000
    • Mecca
      Street, Al-Nuzhah Dist.
      Mecca 24221
      Saudi Arabia
      (☎) 8001248000
    • Riyadh
      AL Madinah AL Munawwarah
      Rd, Dhahrat Al-Badiah Dist.
      Riyadh 12972
      Saudi Arabia
      (☎) 8001248000
    • Jeddah
      Street, Al-Fayhaa Dist.
      Jeddah 22246
      Saudi Arabia
      (☎) 8001248000