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About Us:

To Egy Information Technology has been working since 2009 in the field of web design and mobile application design in Saudi Arabia and has a lot and a lot to offer you, we provide you with an integrated cadre of programmers and designers in order to create a successful and distinctive project not only a work free of mistakes but we continue with you until the goal is reached with permission God has to have information technology the ability to provide experts in its field to provide its services with very high efficiency and medium prices. TOEGY provides sales and highly experienced business coordinators for its customers to implement customer ideas and also does not need to come to information technology from its customers to possess specific skills or experiences in order to manage your sites or applications, then to EGY provides to its customers an integrated team of technical support and site administrators And applications in order to help you, just as You Age Information Technology has sufficient awareness to respect the time and greatly estimate it and manage the business of its customers and deliver the business on time, you only need to specify the activity of your site or the required mobile application or your business project, and we will start working with you immediately, a Your choice of TOEGY will get an integrated work that works effectively on all operating systems, and is specially designed to suit all types of devices on the market, and we have more.

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    • Headquarter Office
      7671 زيد بن الخطاب, Al-Malaz Dist.
      Riyadh 12842 - 3145
      Saudi Arabia