United Medical Laboratories

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About Us:

United Medical Laboratories are institutions that are driven by a set of values. We strive to provide good data, create a good work environment for our employees, and reasonable returns for our investors. We strive for excellent customer relationships and services through honesty, humility, responsiveness and courtesy in all our dealings. We are constantly looking for the best ways to produce efficient and reliable analytical data. United Medical Laboratories was established in the year 2000 to provide unprecedented services to hospitals, doctors and patients. Our well-trained personnel are ready to meet your laboratory needs.

As a leading institution in the field of clinical testing, United Medical Laboratories will make sure to keep you updated on the latest developments and assist you with the best experimental options and possible interpretations that are medically acceptable.

  • Services Offered:
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  • Location & Business Hours:
    • Headquarter Office
      Exit 15
      near Shawarmer
      Salah El-Din Al-Ayoubi Street, Al-Safa Dist.
      Riyadh 12853
      Saudi Arabia