Yemen Airways

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About Us:
The history of the Yemeni Airlines dates back to the mid-1970s, specifically from 1949 to 1977, during which time the Yemeni Airlines witnessed modest developments and various types of structural reforms. In July 1978, the Yemeni Airlines made a great leap forward by establishing a new airline called Yemenia, as an alternative to the Yemeni Airlines by establishing a partnership between the Yemeni government and the Saudi government, where Yemen's share represented 51% compared to 49% for Saudi Arabia. This new company has reflected ideal international investment, as this partnership still exists to the present day. We can say that the year 1978 is considered a turning point in the history of flying Yemenia. As this period witnessed the start of a new era in air travel services and progress.

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    • Headquarter Office
      Al Imam Faisal Ibn TurkiIbn Abdullah, Al-wisham Dist.
      Riyadh 12741
      Saudi Arabia
      (✆) 114039184
      (☏) 11403931