Zahid Travel Group

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    Physical Store
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  • Mobile Number: 593497565
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About Us:
About us
Established in 1958 in Jeddah, Zahid Travel Group has grown and has since grown into a highly respected and internationally-recognized travel home, ranked among the best performing agencies in the Kingdom.
One of the oldest and most respected travel agencies in Saudi Arabia, with 19 outlets throughout the Kingdom and five commercial units catering to all travelers.
 Our five business units are:
 Premium, events, holidays, express and companies.
We provide complete travel solutions using modern technology, which adds value to the customer's content, with a personal human touch, serving as travel consultants.

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  • Location & Business Hours:
    • Headquarter Office
      Street 8
      Al Olaya
      Riyadh 12811
      Saudi Arabia
    • Jeddah
      the Palestine street
      Jeddah 4754
      Saudi Arabia