Terms Of Evaluation

Dear Customers,

We thank you for your trust in using our platform, Souq Alkhalej Saudi Business Directory always strive to provide the best services with high quality and link you with the best commercial companies.

A company evaluation in Souq Alkhalej must be based on many criteria that are governed by your experience. Here we show you some conditions that must be taken into account when evaluating a company:

  • The evaluation should be clear, accurate, and specific related to the type of service provided.
  • Make sure that the evaluation is based on your personal experience for the service received.
  • It is prohibited to use any vulgar or offensive language to the companies and their workers.
  • It is prohibited to use the evaluation field to solve a misunderstanding between you and the company.
  • The aim of these evaluations is to improve the services provided by companies, so make sure that this evaluation is constructive.

Thank you for your kind cooperation

( Last updated: 15-May-2021)