Terms Of Evaluation

Dear Customer,

Thank you for using our platform, we always strive to achieve your satisfaction and connect you with the best commercial companies.

Your rating is important to us and other customers to make their decisions based on your experience!!

Therefore, you should consider the following conditions when adding your rating to a Busines.

  • Your evaluation should be clear, accurate and specific related to the type of service provided and the place provided for it,
  • You should carefully include positive or negative feedback in the evaluation
  • Make sure that your evaluation is after your own experience of the service and not based on the experiences of others, and this requires you to have high credibility,
  • It is prohibited to use any obscene and offensive language affecting companies or their employees.
  • Do not use the evaluation box to solve any misunderstanding between you and the company. Contact the company in these cases before the evaluation.
  • The aim of the evaluation is to improve the services provided by the company, so make sure that your criticism is constructive.

Dear customer .. your commitment to all conditions helps the owners of commercial companies to improve the performance of their companies and their services provided in a practical way, which helps to improve the services of the commercial sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Thank you for your cooperation with us.

( Last updated: 01-Oct-2020)