Who Are We?

The idea of Souq Alkhalej emerged as a commercial guide for Saudi companies based on the continuous increase of projects and companies in the labor market, which made the process of reaching these companies difficult and more complex, which made them lose the opportunity to obtain new customers, and here it was necessary to create a commercial directory that collects commercial and industrial companies within it. So that we help clients and facilitate their access to companies.

Our vision

We seek to collect all commercial and industrial companies and various establishments in one directory that makes it easier for customers to access these companies.

Our mission

Our mission is to help the owners of companies and establishments reach potential customers through a commercial directory that brings all companies under one umbrella.

Our goals

We aim to target establishments, companies and factories in order to present their services and methods of communication and evaluate them in Souq Alkhalej.

( Last updated: 10-Sep-2021)